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Jewellery insurance

Don’t leave yourself open to the heartbreak of losing a precious piece of uninsured jewellery.  Items of jewellery can often be covered under a standard contents house insurance policy for a small additional cost.  However, pay attention to limits placed by the insurance company, as you may have to list high value items separately. This can typically be for items worth over £750, £1,000 or £2,500 depending on the individual insurer. There is also likely to be a limit to the amount of jewellery and other high-risk items that you may insure under most standard insurance policies.

Therefore, in some cases it may be appropriate to insure your jewellery under a stand-alone policy.  T.H.March are one of the few UK insurers who will insure jewellery separately for one or more items.  Their website can be found at  To obtain a jewellery insurance quote, make sure you are in the Personal tab at the top  and then choose the option to obtain a free quote.  Please enter the Jeweller Referral Code of AG168T.

T.H.March can also give complete home contents cover quotes and quotes for joint buildings and contents cover.  They are particularly competitive where there is a high value of jewellery to be covered under the policy.  Under Personal Insurance, choose the Home and High Value Home Insurance link for their contact details or to request a call back.  Don’t forget to mention our Jeweller Referral Code of AG168T.  

It is important to understand that precious metal prices have increased dramatically over recent years. Therefore, it is imperative that the values covered by your insurance reflect current rather than historic prices.  Trends in metal prices can be seen in graphical format on and then click on the particular metal in order to view a graph of price movements.  This will give you an idea of percentage movements in prices since purchasing your jewellery, although take care as the overall prices per gram quoted will NOT reflect jewellery shop prices.  If in doubt as to the value of your jewellery items, either get in touch with us to arrange a valuation at our premises in Farringdon, London or use a jeweller in your local area.  Prices for this service typically range between 1% and 2% of the overall value of the pieces valued.