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About Us

David Valle is a highly talented designer-maker of aspirational contemporary bespoke jewellery and custom made jewellery.  The many awards he has won are indicative of his superlative craftsmanship and design skills.  He began his illustrious and long jewellery career as a young apprentice in his family's jewellery business in Bilbao, Spain over 25 years ago.   In 1997, he moved to the UK and after working as a wax master modelmaker for an independent jewellery design company for a few years, set up his own flourishing business in London's jewellery centre, Hatton Garden.  His enterprise specialising in bespoke jewellery grew from strength to strength, carrying out individual commissions from a wide variety of sources: small boutique jewellery outlets, well-known jewellery household names and valued private clients.  David truly treasures the great feedback he gets from his esteemed clients and just a few of these commendations can be found on our customer comments page.    

More than 25 Years of Experience

David Valle possesses the DGA professional qualification from The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, having passed both the diamond theory and practical examinations.  A few years ago, he received the extremely high honour of being made a member of the ancient Guild of Goldsmiths and a freeman of the City of London.  To achieve this, he had to demonstrate an exceptional degree of excellence in a specialist field of jewellery. He was the first person ever to be nominated to the guild for the field of 3d CAD design.  

Industry Recognition and Qualifications

David was one of the first to embrace computer-aided design for jewellery.  This allowed him to build up a exceptional level of experience in this new skillset across many different software packages and he is well-known in the industry as one of the premier CAD designers in the UK.  The popularity of the new technology is down to a higher degree of perfection over handmade pieces. Furthermore, it has the wonderful advantage of allowing the viewing of the bespoke design in near-perfect virtual reality pictures from many different angles.  This means you can be absolutely certain that the piece is completely perfect before it is put into production, direct from the 3D CAD file.  

Premier Specialist in Computer Aided Design